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Service Verification

If you require a verification of service, you can email [email protected] with your inquiry. Please read the information below before sending your request.

Inquiries must include:

WorldTeach Verification Request in the subject line of your email

The first and last name of the alumnus/alumnae who is the subject of the request

The country name, program length, and service year, if applicable

If you are not the alumnae/alumnus, please attach a relevant and dated consent form allowing us to release this information to you on behalf of the alumnae/alumnus. The form must include a valid signature from the alumnae/alumnus

*Note that omission of this information may delay your request*

We can provide a service verification if you are:
The WorldTeach alumnae/alumnus

An agency, institution, or government-sponsored entity that has been given written and explicit consent to obtain this information by on behalf of the alumnae/alumnus for hiring or admission purposes

Please note:

We can verify the year, length, and country of service.  We can also verify the general volunteer responsibilities associated with our programs

We can verify successful completion of the WorldTeach TEFL Certification Program for those who satisfactorily completed this course and were awarded a WorldTeach TEFL Certificate

We will not verify the quality of an individual's service or work

Verification requests can take up to four weeks to process. Please request your verification in advance

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